A Malles JM watch under the “suspended” category

The transverse opening reveals a grand complication watch (but here, it’s up to you to choose the timepiece that will take pride of place within this trunk) which seems to float in the center of the structure. The watch thus becomes the center of attention. It is enhanced by the trunk structure which transforms into a frame.

The exterior is in carmine-colored dipped lambskin and the interior in black suede goatskin. The edges (thin strips of leather that protect the corners) are also in dipped lambskin but in grenadine colour. They are fixed with brass lozine nails.

Finally, the opening zipper – which is located on the base of each side of the case – is in natural croupon (thicker and more solid) sewn in linen thread and saddle stitch. Finally, the jewelry is solid brass as it should be.

Dimensions : W38 x H38 x D38 cm. Price not disclosed.

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