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A fresh Moonswatch endeavor: “Journey to the Moonshine Gold”

It’s go again ! At each new full moon since March, the Swatch group offers for a few hours only, and only in a few stores of the brand, a special edition of its MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon baptized Mission To Moonshine Gold. For the May full moon (May 5-6), a special edition of a special edition is available. On the menu is a new golden second hand which this time has a hint of rose at its end.

A special “Moonshine Gold Pink” edition

The difference between the MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon and the special edition Mission To Moonshine Gold was already thin: only a golden second hand (in Moonshine Gold) was offered. This time, brace yourselves, for this full moon, the second hand is still in Moonshine Gold but there is now a luminescent pink stone (Moonshine Pink?) at its end.

Monnshine Gold

This version of the MoonSwatch is marketed only for two days, from May 5 to 6, in the capitals (or major cities) of 19 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, England, Denmark, Hong-Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and China. Once again, France is not on the list.


This Mission To Moonshine Gold “Pink” is charged $25 more than the classic Mission to the Moon.

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