20 Affordable Swiss Watch Brands You Should Know

20 Affordable Swiss Watch Brands You Should Know

Welcome to watches you can afford in today’s video we are going to be discovering 20 affordable Swiss watch brands that you should know as you know probably Switzerland has always been associated with fine watchmaking and exquisite craftsmanship being the birthplace of some of the most accurate and qualitative timepieces in the world

But that does usually mean Hefty price tags with figures that soar way too high for most people to afford them putting off most watch enthusiasts fortunately there are several Swiss watchmakers that offer good quality timepieces for reasonable prices so there’s still hope for those looking for affordable Swiss watch brands while affordability is

Subjective in itself and depends on how high up the food chain one situated will go on and rate these Swiss watch brands from the less affordable to the most affordable don’t expect a perfect list but want to give you a general idea of where you start looking depending on

Your budget and no don’t even think about Brands such as Breitling Rolex Patek Philippe or Omega they’re far from being affordable by any standard so anyways let’s jump right in and see our pick for the list starting at number 20 we have Frederick konsan newer than other Swiss watchmakers Frederic constant strives to

Offer affordable luxury Swiss watches for more people to enjoy their Exquisite Swiss craftsmanship what that means is the brand is making excellent timepieces for way less than your high-end luxury Swiss brand while still expensive they’re much more affordable than other brands such as the legendary Rolex their

Pieces boast a timeless style with a classic and Chic aesthetic that makes them perfect as dress watches as for prices Frederick constant offers both pieces that go over fifteen thousand dollars and models that are priced under one thousand dollars so everybody can find something to their liking that also

Fits their budget and number 19 we chose tiger tagger is probably the name that pops to everyone’s mind when thinking about sports watches especially with an automobile Race theme sponsor of many sporting events all over the world the brand has a broad range of time used is many far from being considered

Affordable but also some decently priced wonderfully blending functionality with luxury tago offers some of the most Exquisite Motorsport inspired chronographs in the industry built withstand daily abuse while looking stunning on every wrist their entry-level collection is a good fit for those with a slightly larger budget but

Still keep on the affordable side when compared to other big names in the industry or even their own high-end chronographs and number 18 we chose squale squale is not very well known but it’s still a Swiss watchmaker that offers dive watches no less impressive than more established brands in the

Industry their timepieces are as gorgeous as are powerful and are true professional divers with all the standard features that those come with so you can expect the reliability of the dive Watchers are known for and an entry level price you can’t go wrong for choosing a squire day diver as your next watch

Number 17 launching with a history going back all the way to the year 1832 long jeans is one of the most well-known Swiss watch brands and one that speaks luxury elegance and a high-end craftsmanship through all its models even their most affordable models and speaking of that they’ve got very

Expensive watches selling for thousands of dollars but they also offer numerous entry-level options with price tags around the 1K Mark and even some models that might seem like a bargain when you think of what they offer for the price in terms of style they’ve got iconic and recognizable designs so if that’s what

You’re looking for you won’t be disappointed number 16 Marathon while not a luxury watch brand per se marathon is still one of the best Swiss watchmakers out there it has long been a supply of military watches for the US Armed Forces so military watch enthusiasts will find this to be one of

Their top choices in terms of price your find a wide variety of marathons line up depending on the movement inside their digital watches are low price followed by Quartz but if you’re into mechanical movements be prepared to pay a little bit more though still on the affordable

Side prices go from as low as several hundreds to over 1K so you’ve got plenty of very affordable and robust choices number 15 tour again a relatively new name in the industry torgen is a brand that’s worth your attention it’s a us-based company but their watches are made in Switzerland with Swiss only

Movement so they’re what you’d call Swiss made being found in 2009 by two aviators it’s obvious their style is heavily focused on Aviator watches with all the distinguishable features of a true pilot watch and impressive designs that make them stand out from the crowd but what we’re interested in here is

That their affordability and we can tell they’re among the most affordable with some of their models going even below the 150 dollar Mark and number 14 we have mundane another name that’s slightly less known among the Swiss watch manufacturers mundane is a family-owned brand that has been around for more than 70 years

Their watches are inspired by the official Swiss Railways clock a design icon in Switzerland most of the models are powered by a quartz movement but they also have a range of mechanical movements for a higher price but still way more affordable than high-end luxury brands at number 13 we have Movado being

Founded in 1881 Mavado is one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers and a go-to brand for affordable Swiss made watches while they started in Switzerland in 1983 they were purchased by the North American Watch Corporation and their headquarters today are located in New Jersey however their watches continue to be manufactured in facilities in

Switzerland so they get to keep the Swiss made label on their dials their range of watches include price tags of one thousand dollars but lower end models can also be found for a starting price of around 250 dollars at number 12 we have Oris Oris is one of the most

Popular Swiss watchmaker workers and that’s mostly because it has remained an independent brand that kept itself away from the main Swiss watchmakers influences coming up with original design ideas they may not rise as high as more expensive Brands but their lineup is sure noteworthy providing excellent value for money their watches

Are slightly more expensive than most other brands on this list but the value and quality they offer is unmatched inspired by Motorsports Aviation and Marine Fields their watches are very sought after by enthusiasts from all over the world and number 11 we have Mido a brand that lives under the Swatch

Group umbrella today Mido offers gorgeous watches oriented towards a more sporty nature from diving to the automotive World their sponsors for big sports events all over the world making themselves popular their watches are sophisticated and refined and come with Timeless designs that need no flashy features to make themselves noticed with

Excellent craftsmanship ship that needs Perfection medo has managed to get themselves in top offering luxury timepieces at very uncommon and affordable price tags and number 10 we have Raymond Vale another relatively new Swiss watchmaker Raymond Vale is a family-owned business that began its activity right in the middle of the

Court’s Revolution which baffled a few well-established Brands their perseverance through them got them through and they continue to produce mechanical movements with pleasing Aesthetics and a great attention to detail their range of watches fall into the dress style category suitable for people who prefer suits to anything else

When it comes to affordability Raymond Vale watches start around 300 and go as high as over the 2K dollar Mark number 9 mateiso myketiso is a different brand and not at all related to the well-known tiso and an old one too despite not being as popular

Its Story begins in 1886 in a village in the Swiss jurora mountains the Le Pon de Martel founded by a local watchmaker Edmund matatizo while initially specializing in pocket watches they were among the first to make a chronograph timepiece which rose them to fame and when we say Fame we mean characters like

Elvis Presley with some of the Brand’s most cherished admirers during their final scenes nowadays their popularity might have dropped a bit but their quality hasn’t providing excellent value for as less as one hundred dollars with their most expensive timepieces going up to several hundred and even around the

Two thousand dollar price tag for several select models number eight glycine glycine is one of the pioneering Swiss watchmakers for pilot watches a company that has been in the industry since 1914 it was once a very well-known brand but after the Court’s Revolution it’s more in the shadow of bigger brands

With more aggressive marketing campaigns but they offer excellent value for decent prices from low to mid budgets since its Inception their watches have been manufactured with high quality standards in the Swiss city of bien where their Factory is located recently the Swiss brand was acquired by the American Invicta group but they

Still keep their style and Manufacturing process prices however have gone lower making glycine watches even more affordable most of their range spins around the 300 to 500 range number seven Wenger some of you may know venga as a Swiss army knife and travel gear manufacturer and that’s because it was

Only in 1988 that they started manufacturing watches in 2005 they were acquired by Victorinox which proved to be a fruitful move growing the brand even more contrary to what some might expect their style is very different with timepieces being far apart from Victoria knots when it comes to design

And Aesthetics with a more casual and elegant look some say that Wenger is the budget version of Victoria Knox when it comes to watches and that true regarding their prices since they range somewhere between the 50 to 300 range but with their style being so different you can’t

Compare their Collections and number six we have celtina much like tiger certina are known for their Motorsports inspired timepieces with one important distinction price Seraphina offers a very affordable watches but without skimping on quality they’ve been in the watch Market industry since 1888 so they’ve got a lot of Heritage behind

It’s also part of the Swatch group since 1983 and partner with various other names for sports events all over the world the excellent craftsmanship combined with a price range of 100 to 500 makes them very relevant for every budget watch enthusiast number five and one that may surprise you we chose

Hamilton Hamilton doesn’t sound at all Swiss and that’s for a very good reason they’re American in their Origins with their Roots going back to 1892 in Lancaster Pennsylvania what makes them Swiss though is that they got under the Swatch group umbrella and now manufacture their watches in Switzerland

Using Swiss made movements with models such as the Jazz master or the already legendary khaki field they’ve become extremely well known partnering a lot with movie stars and the aviation industry their watch collection is impressive with prices spanning from 300 to around two thousand dollars offering plenty of value and quality for the

Money number four Alpena older than 13 with a few years Alpena is another Swiss watchmaker with a rich Heritage they’re making outdoor oriented timepieces rugged durable and able to Brave the elements think water resistant anti-magnetic properties shock proof cases but without throwing away style a preferred brand of Airmen Sailors

Military personnel and adventurers of all kinds among which the Mountaineers or Alchemists from which the brand Drew inspiration for its name depending on the movement and the star with choices varying from divers pilot watches and chronographs to dress watches prices vary a lot starting as low as 200 to 250

Dollars and going up to the three thousand dollar Mark number three tiso one of the oldest and most reputable Swiss watchmakers tiso offers a wide range of timepieces with excellent quality and craftsmanship the brand was founded back in 1853 and is now part of the Swatch group their watches have a distinguished Style

With both high-end pieces for those with a more generous budget rising up to two thousand dollars and also a wide range of affordable models that are high quality and reliable as well fitting in the 100 to 500 price spectrum and number two we chose Victorinox like Wagner

Above Victoria Knox is famous for their Swiss Army knives but they also got into the watchmaking business and today they offer solid timepieces for affordable prices their enox range is particularly interesting offering rugged watches able to withstand some of the harshest conditions after manufacturing they go through no less than 130 tests ensuring

They’ll resist anything you can throw at them it’s no wonder why they’re preferred by folks who activate a physically demanding Fields such as the military law enforcement EMTs or firefighters price ranges from less than fifty dollars to around one thousand dollars for hiring models and top of our

List at number one with the lowest prices we have Swatch probably the most affordable of the Swiss watch manufacturers Swatch is a younger company but one that was born out of the need to create affordable Swiss watches during the quartz revolution in the 1970s and 1980s this

Is why their models range in prices from fifty dollars up to two hundred dollars rarely Rising above on the other hand style is very diverse from dress Watchers with elegant Aesthetics to some of the most wacky color combinations and fun Graphics while their designs may not be for everyone their prices surely are

A good fit for most Pockets from some of the oldest and most respectable Swiss watchmakers to the younger and cheaper Brands there’s quite a lot of options to choose from with models suitable for all kinds of budgets Swatch is probably the best choice if you care for only the

Lowest prices but if you still want an affordable watch with a rich tradition behind we’d go for entry-level models from the likes of Orris or Hamilton we hope this video was useful to you if you like the video don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe and we’ll see

You next time

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