MB&F LMX Paris Edition : 15 exemplaires exclusifs chez Chronopassion à Paris

15 unique copies available only at Chronopassion store in Paris

Other refinements include the polished arms of the straight bridges visible on the dial plate: they have been hand-finished to give them a rounded, or cradled, profile on the surface.

A nod to the vertical power reserve presented as a world premiere in the Legacy Machine No1, the LMX bounces back on this slice of MB&F history through a completely new three-dimensional indicator that highlights the impressive 7-day (168-hour) ) of the motor.

With this development, there is a choice between two methods of counting the reserve. Two displays appear on either side of a hemisphere, one alternately showing the numbers 1 to 7 on an arch, the other the days of the week.

The complex and totally innovative interaction between the components is all the more sophisticated as the power reserve indicator turns. Thus, the wearer can choose his preferred display mode: by continuing to turn the asteroid-axe crown after complete winding of the watch, the indicator can be oriented so that one of the scales, i.e. that of the figures either that of the days, or better visible when the LMX is on the wrist.

Like a perfectly balanced X, the LMX engine is deeply symmetrical – not only on the dial side, but also through the sapphire crystal back which reveals the three barrels placed at equal distances around the center, which is reinforced by a sunburst decoration of ribbing Geneva.

More than a symbol of symmetry or another way of writing the 10, the X of the LMX represents the crossroads between the first and second decades of the Legacy Machine collection. concludes the brand in its press release.

Four limited editions make up the LMX collection:
– 18 pieces in pink gold with black NAC treated plates and bridges;
– 33 parts in grade 5 titanium with green CVD treated plates and bridges;
– 33 “Steel & Brass” pieces in 316L stainless steel with grained plate.
– And in 2023, a new limited edition of 15 pieces; the LMX Paris Edition, in white gold with a purple sunburst mainplate.

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